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H. Scott Clemens, MA, MPsy
Consulting Sociologist

Helping individuals, communities, and organizations plan, make, and manage change.


Individuals and Families
Note: I do not diagnose or treat mental illness. If you need a referral to a qualified mental health professional, please let me know.
Also, no longer accepting new individuals or families as clients. I will resume in late 2018.

Individuals usually seek me out when they are struggling with one or more relationships in their life or when they are struggling with expectations at work, home, or other areas (roles).

I come from a humanistic perspective, which emphasizes that empathy and authenticity are key components of the human experience, and people need space to be heard and understood without judgment and with positive regard. I also draw from social theories that emphasize that we construct our sense of selves and lives through interaction with others, and that interaction helps to create and reinforce narratives/stories about ourselves. I also believe that our social world around us is a system that we are a part of and that you must address that system to address the individual.

Goal of Individual Sessions

When working with individuals my goal is to transmit the ability for clients to become “agents of change” in their own world. I strive not only to help them to make positive changes in how they perceive and view things, but also to help them make real changes to their external world that they experience as positive.

Format of Individual Sessions

While I am open to clients talking about anything, most clients seek out a solution-focused approach, addressing specific difficulties. Central to individual sessions, is providing an empathetic space for my client to be heard without judgment. With the type of listening provided, often clients find they have greater clarity and understanding without any other intervention from me. Since clients typically seek help around relationships or roles, I also frequently make use of roleplaying when the client requests. While practicing scenarios from their lives that involve “difficult conversations,” mindfulness skills are sometimes used to help clients move past distress, so they can focus on communicating. Finally, often when practicing scenarios, clients struggle with judgmental thought, and I help them to untangle their thoughts, so they can move towards understanding the other person.

Couples Sessions

When working with couples, I use an approach similar to what I use with individuals. With couples, I am focused on helping them to understand each other, beyond judgment and criticism, helping them to learn to make effective requests to create changes that they both mutually experience as positive. Additionally, I work to help make changes to their social context, so that their environment serves to support and nurture their relationship.

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